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Ludicrous Mode

My host offered to give me a ride back to the hotel after our dinner party. “Would you like to go in the Maserati or …

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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

It was an unusual dinner party. The guests were from different generations. We gathered around a table in the garden of the host’s beautiful Los …

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Who am I?

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some …

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In the *, Bob

“Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death” – Auntie Mame My mother was unhappy in the later years of her …

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Crem - Looking for a job pic

Quit Looking for a Job

Quit looking for a job, and start looking for a problem to solve. The job market isn’t about you, it’s about them. It’s not about …

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What is Reality?

Reality is what’s going on before it enters our operating system. What do I mean by “our operating system?” When a computer is assembled, it’s …

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Meditation on a Fly

I was lying on my back with 20 other meditators listening to the soothing voice of our facilitator as he led us into the present …

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Mirror, Mirror on The Wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Would you prefer that mirror or a mirror that showed your shadow side, the …

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Yabuts As a coach, I’m constantly running into people who only want a quick fix. They’re looking for things to do, not different ways of …

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church inside

Off Ramps

I was riding my motorcycle from Houston to San Antonio on IH10 when I noticed an off ramp that led to old highway 90. I …

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7 Ways Elders Make Great Coaches

When an elder dies, a library has burned down. When an elder leaves your company, they take the library with them. How can we keep …

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Family adventures of climbing, hiking, and relaxing in the mountains during a beautiful California Sunset

Prayer Without Words

I was sitting on my porch looking at my front yard. My inner conversation sounded like this. “The yard looks terrible. This Texas heat is …

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terrible two

Under Construction

We all know that children’s egos are under construction. They’re trying to establish an identity, independence, and they’re learning how to get attention, love, and …

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Six Stages of Change

Change is hard. That’s why 75% of the population of the U.S. is either obese or overweight. In spite of all of the scientific evidence …

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dancing in the rain

Dancing in the Rain

It was raining. My 9-year old granddaughter said, “Hey PopPop, let’s dance in the rain.” I responded with, “No, Parker. We’ll get soaking wet.” She …

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The Joy of Aging

“Oh, the worst of all tragedies is not to die young, but to live until I am seventy-five and yet not ever truly to have …

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grow whole

3 Ways to Grow Whole, Not Old

I’m grateful to Chip Conley, founder of the Modern Elder Academy, for introducing me to the phrase, “Grow Whole, Not Old.” I was feeling as …

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old man on bench

Reflections of a Grumpy Old Man

I asked my 86 year old friend, Bill Zaner, why old people were always characterized as grumpy. He quickly replied, “It’s because they’ve been left …

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